Special Effects (8-10 foils)$46
Half Head of Foils$116
Three Quarter Head of Foils$130
Full Head of Foils$155
Balayage/Ombre* From$160
*Balayage/Ombre is a very skilled and lengthy process. This service can vary from the most subtle, sun-kissed, natural look to a more in depth contrast between the mid-lengths
Semi Colour
Semi Colour Regrowth Only$63
Semi Colour All Over$85
Permanent Colour
Permanent Colour Regrowth Only$70
Masking T-Section$35
Permanent Colour All Over$92
Refresh the Ends$30
On Scalp Bleach Regrowth Only$75
On Scalp Bleach & All Over$96
Additional with Colour Service
Special Effects (8-10 Foils)$41
Half Head of Foils$65
Three Quarter Head of Foils$80
Full Head of Foils$98
Hair Cut After Colour Service$59
Blow Wave after Colour ServiceShort$40
Hair Cut & Blow Wave$88
Additional Charge for Long/Thick Hair$20
*pricing for toners may vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair