African Safari: 5 hours $596
This package is for the well-deserved person who needs an entire escape of the mind and body. Be mesmerised with a full body exfoliation and an African mud mask performed in our Vichy Shower. Indulge in a full body massage and a Specialised Facial. Finish off your treatment with a Spa Pedicure and Spa Manicure accompanied with a complementary fruit and cheese platter, along with a beverage to complete your experience.

African Escape: 2hrs $440
Enjoy, relax and share this experience with someone you care about. Be entwined in a half an hour massage, a half an hour facial to reveal your beauty, performed in our double hut next to your loved one or friend. Then indulge a Spa Pedicure with fruit and cheese platter along with a beverage of your choice.

Couples Day In: 2.5hrs $410
Relax with your loved one in an Egyptian milk bath before laying in a hut for a double, unique, personalised massage. Indulge in a fruit and cheese platter along with a beverage during your Spa Pedicure. This is the ultimate romantic package for two.

Indoceane: 2 hours $332
Dive into the"ancient world" and let us begin your journey to reveal the original beauty and softness of your skin with our Mediterranean body scrub. Submerge into a place of rhythm and flow in your own private Egyptian milk bath. Forget tension and stress with our personalised massage and experience your journey to beautify your skin with infinite softness and a velvety feel with our Chinese body wrap.

Precious Polynesian: 2 hours $332
"LA ORA NA MAEVA." Today your stopover is in Polynesia. Connect with your inner peace and indulge in an exotic island body scrub to reveal the softness of your skin and immerse into the flow of the lagoon in your private bath infused with lagoon pebbles. Be mesmerised by our massage involving traditional Polynesian Hanna massage using heated tuiponos. Finish your journey with an application of shimmering sacred oil.

Marine Prelude: 2 hours $292
This treatment is perfect for dry, dehydrated or damaged skin. Be entwined in a full body, natural mud wrap, followed by a full body exfoliation with marine sea salt, which will purify and nourish your skin. Let our therapist relax and release your stresses with a full body oil massage and finish off your experience with an application of cold cream to quench your body's thirst.

African Splendour: 2.5 hours $282
For an ultimate ralaxation experience, purify and nourish your skin with a full body African mud mask in our Vichy Shower. Step into a secluded hut and embrace a full body hot volcanic stone massage to relax and release your tensions. Lastly, enjoy a Traditional Facial as your therapist analysis your skin and addresses any concerns you may have to incorporate the use of suitable skin care products and the perfect therapist touch.

Vichy Rejuvenation: 1.5 hours $212

The Vichy Rejuvenation is a hydro-therapy treatment. It combines warm steam and warm water in a shower cocoon to improve circulation and combat stress.Start your experience and embrace the benefits of the Vichy Shower, followed by a full body scrub to reveal the softness of your skin. Purify and nourish your body with an application of our natural mud mask, in association with the Vichy Shower whilst you enjoy a scalp massage for a deep relaxation. A cold cream will be applied to ensure the perfect finishing touch to improve your skin in the dry climate of Alice Springs.

Friends Day In: 1 hour $80 per person
Caters for 2-10 people Relax your tired feet in a warm soak while you chat with your friends. The therapist massage your shoulders neck, hands and arms before attending to your feet and legs. Share a fruit and cheese platter along with your choice of beverage. Each person receives a take home sample gift. *1 Therapist for every 3 people.