Using high performance masks, boosters and the latest technology in instrumental cosmetics, our specialised facials for men and women are personalised to target your most pressing skin concerns.

Teenage Healing: .5hr $60
Designed to smooth sensitive and acne prone skin. A deep cleansing exfoliation, extraction and steam is applied to open and clean your pores, followed by an algae mask that draws out the impurities deep within the pores.

Reviving Facial: .5hr $68
An instant relief for a refreshed and polished glow.
This treatment provides a deep cleasing exfoliation with the use of steam to open your pores. Paired with the perfect maks suited to your skin type, enjoy and embrace the relaxation with a hand, feet or scalp massage.  

Traditional Facial: 1hr $112
Do you need to hydrate, nourish, radiate or purify your skin?
Thalgo uses the riches of the sea for its powerful healing properties and your therapist will analyse your skin to evaluate the most suitable treatment for you.
This treatment provides a deep cleansing exfoliation, extraction and steam facial massage and face mask with a hands, feet or scalp massage for your ultimate relaxtion experience.

Marine Spiruline Boost 1hr 15mins $140
A holiday for the skin. Is your skin stressed, tired and in need of a boost? This is the facial for you, the Spirulines in this detoxifying facial fight back against pollution, stress and fatigue. Fast results, reduction in the appearance of fine lines, dull complexion and an all over improved texture. After this facial notice visibly more glowing, revitalised complexion. Enjoy a massage on your hands, feet or scalp for your relaxation experience.
Perfect for: Dull complexion, skin needing a boost and fighting the first signs of aging and fine lines

Marine Hyalu-ProCollagène Programme: 1hr 15mins $140
Perfect for smoothing and tightening the deep expression lines and pronounced wrinkles, your skin will be left glowing and more youthful. This treatment provides a precise exfoliation and a special massage on your wrinkles in combination with the products to assist in reducing them. The specific mask focuses on the wrinkles to reduce them and provides a filling and smoothing effect on the skin with the use of the trio roller boosters. Enjoy a massage on your hands, feet or scalp for your relaxation experience.

Marine Silicium Programme: 1hr 15mins $140
Ideal for reducing the deep wrinkles and lifting the facial contour, your skin will feel lifted. This treatment provides a precise exfoliation and a special massage on the wrinkles and on the facial contours. The specific Silicium Mask focuses on these areas to reduce, lift and plump with the Marine Silicium Molecules. Enjoy a massage on your hands, feet or scalp for your relaxtion epxerience. 

iBeauty: 1hr 15mins $150
The iBeauty machine provides 3 of the latest technologies in skin repairs. During a skin analysis, our therapist will determine the most beneficial option to provide the best outcome for you and your skin.
Sound Vibrations - Exfoliates and Purifies
To optimise the skin cleansing and enhance the results of all products used during this treatment.
Ultrasound - Hydrate, Drain and Stimulate 
To amplify the results of products during this treatment.
Radio Frequency - Combats Anti-Ageing 
To help the skin to be plumped, densified, regenerated and firmed.

Microdermabrasion Facial: 1hr 15mins $150
The latest in facial treatments. Includes a revitalising facial and microdermabrasion to exfoliate, resurface, remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving a revitalised and renewed complexion. Choose between a scalp, hand and arm massage or scalp, foot and leg massage before finishing with a suitable hydration, nutrition or purifying mask.

Top tip: For an extra boost and glow and complexion balance book with an additional add on Thalgo Marine Peel ( Your knowledgeable therapist will assess and select the right grade peel for you.)

Express Microdermabrasion .5hr $75
Enjoy an express microdermabrasion facial, perfect for someone with a busy schedule who wishes to maintain their facial treatments.
Microdermabrasion uses fine crystal diamond-studded tips to abrade the skin and vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells.

Add a little extra to your facial

iBeauty: 15mins $40
Choose one of the options listed below to incorporate into any other facial treatment;
Sound Vibrations - Exfoliates and purifies
Ultrasound -
Hydrate, drain and stimulates
Radio Frequency -
Combats anti-ageing  

Eye Care and Massage: 15mins $40
Smooth out deep wrinkles and recieve a fresher, more youthful eye area. This add on service will reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. Combine our Thalgo Hyaluronic Filler Patchers and Eye Massaging Mask for optimum results for your eye contour area. Add this service onto a massage or facial and embrace a dual massage on your eyes and scalp.

Marine Infusion Mask $25
This mask, with alginates, is highly concentrated using sea minerals and it optimises the cream of your Traditional Facial, acting as a double mask. Your skin will be replenished with the heart of the ocean ritual, delivering hydration and radiance.

Microdermabrasion $50
Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin treatment that exfoliates and removes the dead, dull, outermost layer of skin. This gentle and invigorating treatment leaves your skin clean, clear, bright and purified.